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AWS is a popular cloud platform offering various services to businesses worldwide. With millions of customers, it helps reduce costs, increase agility, and foster innovation. AWS skills are in high demand, with certified practitioners in India earning around Rs. 13-14 lakhs per year. Take a Cloud Computing AWS course to seize lucrative job opportunities in the cloud industry!

Course Highlights

  • A comprehensive understanding of cloud development and architecture.
  • Industry-oriented and continuously updated course curriculum.
  • Learning under AWS technical specialists.
  • Development of numerous technical skills like AWS IAM, AWS developer tools, AWS auditing, reporting and compliance, AWS advanced serverless services, etc.
  • Abundant practical exposure through the use of real-world AWS tools like AWS CLI, IDE and IDE Toolkits, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy,AWS
  • CodePipeline, and AWS CodeStar.

Top Skills You'll Learn

Module I: AWS Developer
  • AWS Fundamentals: Basics of cloud computing, cloud economics, regions, availability zones, local zones, AWS Marketplace, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Global Infrastructure.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management: Users, groups, policies, roles, access keys and password rotations, and protecting root user with MFA.
  • AWS Core Services: NACL, VPC, subnets, EC2 and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).
  • AWS Auditing, Reporting and Compliance: AWS Artifact, AWS config, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS License Manager, and AWS CloudTrail.
  • AWS Databases: Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift.
Module II: Azure Architect
  • AWS Advanced Serverless Services: Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EventBridge, and AWS Step Functions.
  • Advanced Networking Concepts: Client VPN, Site to Site VPN, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Private Link, and AWS Transit Gateway.
  • AWS Security: Amazon Cognito, Amazon Macie, Amazon Shield, AWS CloudHSM, Amazon Detective, Amazon Inspector, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS WAF.
  • Data Analytics: EMR, Athena, Kinesis, Glue, Lake Formation, OpenSearch, and Amazon QuickSight.
  • Machine Learning: SageMaker, Lab – SageMaker: Textract, Comprehend, Polly, Transcribe, Lex, Forecast, Personalize, Kendra, AWS Neuron, Augmented AI, Fraud Detection.
  • IoT Services: AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Events.
  • Solution Architecture: Horizontal Scaling and Auto Scaling -With EC2, Lambda and Containers, Fan Out, Caching Strategies, Sidecar, Gateway Routing, Offloading, Aggregation, Rate Limiting, Throttling, Hub and Spoke, Event Driven Architecture.

Key Features

AIT Program Structure
Program Structure:
  • Limited batch size
  • Live Interactive Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Master fundamentals with hands-on labs, aligning with current Data Science trends
  • Access to Study Material and Recorded Sessions
  • Competitive assessment sessions for better evaluation
  • Capstone Projects to apply skills on Real World Scenarios
AIT Skills
Skills Development:
  • Soft Skills and Business Communication
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Assistance
  • Resume Building, Git, and GitHub Training
  • Receive a certification from MKSSS-AIT upon successful completion
AIT Collaborations
  • Corporate collaborations
  • Collaboration with KPMG for Domain-Specific Certification
AIT Facilities
  • Hostel Facility available
  • Loan Facility Available
Accredited Training Partners

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any graduate, Final Year Appearing students, Working Professionals who want pursue a career in Data Science
  • Graduate / Post Graduates, Industry Professionals, those who want to reshape their IT Career
  • The candidate with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline including Engineering, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Agriculture, Pharma, Mass Media, or any other branch of education
  • Candidate with professional qualification like CA, ICWA, CS is also eligible for this course
  • Candidates appearing for the final year bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification examination
  • Those who have completed the degree requirement and are awaiting results can also apply

Insights from Students

The part time PGP is a very comprehensive course.Suitable to persons from all age groups.Faculty is a good combination of academicians and experts from industry.The course is helpful for getting knowledge as well as placement.

Ketaki Kher

The teaching at MKSSS AIT is very organized and the trainers are experienced people from industry... really useful for the current work I am doing. At the same time the teachers from AIT give enough lab time to try our hands at.. enjoying learning here!!!

Meenakshi Kulkarni

Glad to participate in the weekend PGP course. Knowledgeable and helpful faculty. Course content is comprehensive, and attention is given on an individual basis

Saloni Malwade

AIT's Remarkable Placements

The Academy of Information Technology (AIT) is a leading force in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, evident in its remarkable placement record. AIT's curriculum stays current with industry trends, ensuring graduates are well-prepared and at the forefront of advancements in data science, machine learning, and AI.

AIT is the best place for people who want to succeed in data science and artificial intelligence. With our focus on excellence, extensive industry relationships, and innovative teaching approach, we pave the way for your achievements.

AIT's Competent Instructors

At AIT, our teachers are experts in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. They're chosen for their top qualifications and real-world experience. This means students get a great education mixing theory with practical skills.

Meet our accomplished faculty and discover how their passion and knowledge empower the next generation of professionals in data science and AI.

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