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Explore hands-on experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI with us! Join us for hands-on learning and professional growth.

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Welcome to the Internship program of MKSSS Academy of Information Technology's Center for Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI! We offer exciting opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and real-world skills in advanced fields like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Explore our internship programs to begin a journey of learning, innovation, and professional growth.

Student Internship Initiatives

AIT - Nagpur Hoarding Insight Hub
Nagpur Hoarding Insight Hub
A comprehensive platform showcasing records, finances, and locations of hoardings managed by the agency.
AIT - Vastu Bhandar Repository
Vastu Bhandar Repository
A centralized dashboard displaying the stock levels of every item in our inventory.
AIT - Automated Email to Excel
Automated Email to Excel
A user-friendly platform effortlessly extracts data from your Gmail account, organizes it, and allows easy Excel downloads.
AIT- MKSSS’s Donor Analysis
MKSSS’s Donor Analysis
Providing comprehensive insights into donor information, donations, repeated donor patterns, and fund allocation through user-friendly data filtering and one-click access features.
AIT - Academic Analytics
Academic Analytics
A Strategic Overview of Institutional Performance Revolutionizing our university's data management system to enhance academic decision-making and optimize the overall academic experience.
AIT- Anganwadi Performance Assessment
Anganwadi Performance Assessment
Monitoring the progress of each child during their visits and analyzing the growth and development of every Anganwadi within a specific area.
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